How do I reset or update my Cpanel Password

You can access and manage your cpanel user info 2 different ways.

1. Change your password directly through cpanel:
if you already know your cpanel user info, just login to cpanel at and use the "change password" feature. if you don't know your cpanel user info, you can request it and I can resend it and then follow this step to update it through cpanel.

2. Change your password through your billing/client area at
You can access and update your cpanel login information by logging into your client area at username is your email address. If you don't know your password you can reset it by clicking the "Request a Password Reset" link.  Once you're logged into your client area: Go to "Services" at top >> Click the "Edit" Button to the right of your cpanel account >> Scroll down and either login to cpanel to update the password using the login button, or update the password right there.

If you have any further questions please submit a ticket

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