IPhone - Configure Mail Client Software from Webmail

1. Login To your webmail account. 
Iphone Webmail Login

2. At the top right, click the human to make a dropdown appear, and click on "Configure Mail Client". 

Iphone Webmail Configure drop down

3. You should now see this similar screen below.  

Iphone Webmail Configure area

4. Scroll down and you should see the list of installers.

Iphone list of installers

5.  You might have to scroll over to see the links for the installers.  It should look like this below.  Click on the IMAP over SSL link

Iphone - Scroll over to see installer list

6. Click on the IMAP over SSL link and click Proceed to Continue. 
Iphone - Click to proceed

7. Click Allow.

Iphone - Click Allow

8. Click Install at the top right.

Iphone - Click Install

9. Enter Your Iphone Passcode. 

Iphone - Enter Passcode

10.  Click Install

Iphone - Click Install

11. Enter your email password.  (The same one you used to login to webmail and setup in cpanel)

Iphone - Enter email Password

12. Click Done and you're all ready to send and receive email on your IPhone!

Iphone - Click Done

If you would like to setup your Email Software manually, please refer to these tutorials.

If you need further assistance please text 513-921-4001 or setup a ticket here support@allwebnow.com
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