Mac Mail Setup

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Setting up your Pop3 or IMAP Email account in Mac Mail

  • Open Mac Mail by clicking the Mail icon on your Dock.
  • Once Mac Mail is loaded you will want to go to file at the top corner of your screen.
  • Then you will want to click "Add Account...".
    (NOTE, if you already have an account setup, Click preferences >> Accounts and select your email account to edit)



  • Click Continue



  • If you're setting up a pop3 account or IMAP (which is most common) you'll want to select "POP3 or "IMAP" in the drop down. 
  • Then you will want to fill in the rest of the fields with your information.


  • The Next window will ask for you to input the Incoming Server you will want to put in there
  • You will want to put in our information in the fields provided.
  • Click continue.


  • In the next window it will ask you for SSL, We do not use this function.
  • Just Click continue.


  • The Next window will ask for you to input the Outgoing Server you will want to put in there
  • Check the "use only this server" checkbox.
  • Click the check box on for "User Authentication" then you will want to put in our information.
  • Click continue.


  • The Next window will give you a summary of the information that you just entered.
  • Look it over to make sure that it is correct and then click continue.


  • Click Done to complete the mail account configuration.

Getting a certificate warning message?  

Click here to find out how to fix that.

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