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Spam Experts Professional Spam Filter

Here's what you get!

  • Custom Spam filter: set it correctly and you could virtually receive no spam.

  • Your own quarantine: If you do get any spam or false positives, the quarantine allows you to review all your email messages. Then you can train and release any false positives that might get caught.

  • Easier whitelisting, and blacklisting: This allows Spam Experts to create the perfect tailored, spam proof system for you and your business long term.

  • Redundant dns and mail spooling: this means the dns mail server never stops processing your email and your messages never get deleted from the system database. So, you never lose any email at all, even if there is downtime or maintenance.

  • It works for all email addresses on your one domain name.

$19.95 USD Monthly
$54.95 USD Quarterly
$99.95 USD Semi-Annually
$199.95 USD Annually